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Heart Centered C.E.O

Embrace the journey of becoming a Heart-Centered CEO, where leadership transcends conventional boundaries and is rooted in empathy, intuition, and a deep commitment to positive impact. This approach redefines success by prioritizing well-being, authentic connections, and a sustainable vision that nurtures both the individual and the collective. By leading with the heart, CEOs can inspire transformative change, fostering environments where creativity, collaboration, and holistic growth flourish.

What Our Group Coaching Includes:

Group Coaching for CEOs

The Heart Centered C.E.O. program spans 8 weeks, focusing on cultivating a deep sense of self-awareness, grounding, and clarity.

It emphasizes understanding and managing energy exchanges, fostering compassionate action, and maintaining energetic boundaries.

The curriculum aims to develop a positive, realistic outlook, avoiding toxic positivity, and encourages creating a future that supports heart-centered leadership and sustainability.

Participants engage in practices to root out chaos, establish sacred boundaries, and live intentionally, with an astrological reading included to personalize the journey.

How It works:

In a world where authenticity and courage intertwine, the concept of authentic courageous connection becomes paramount, urging individuals to engage with their true selves and others in a deeply genuine manner.

This ethos extends into performatically authentic expressions, where authenticity isn’t just felt but actively demonstrated in every action and interaction, blending performance with genuine essence.

Global playfulness encourages us to rediscover and harness joy in our endeavors, fostering an environment where happiness isn’t just a fleeting moment but a core aspect of our daily lives.

The journey is further enriched by embarking on adventures that demand accountability while showing up with heart, embodying a commitment to both personal growth and compassionate engagement with the world.

The end goal is clear: to embrace and celebrate your authentic self, to find and generate joy in what you do, and to move your business forward with a bold, heart-centered approach that honors your initial inspiration and true essence.

About Your Coach:

Jen Murray (they/them) is a visionary leader and the pioneering founder of the High Vibe Healing Collective, where their role transcends the conventional boundaries of entrepreneurship to embody the true spirit of a Centered, Energetic, Optimist (C.E.O.). With a steadfast belief in the transformative power of astrology, Jen merges celestial wisdom with a progressive vision, aiming to cultivate an inclusive wellness community that thrives on intentional co-creation and mutual respect.

As a healer, Jen dedicates their expertise to dismantling internalized barriers and championing systemic transformation. Through a unique blend of breathwork, energy healing, and advocacy for white accountability, they create a supportive space for leaders and changemakers to pursue personal growth and societal change, guided by the profound insights of astrological phenomena.

Jen’s unwavering dedication to fusing astrological understanding with collective healing practices emphasizes the importance of community and the power of embracing historically marginalized voices. As a proud LGBTQ+ parent, Jen exemplifies revolutionary, heart-centered leadership, employing the wisdom of the stars to forge a path toward a more equitable, regenerative, and dignified world for everyone.

Pricing and Packages:

Heart Centered CEO - Group Coaching

The Heart Centered CEO Group Coaching program, led by visionary founder Jen Murray, offers a transformative journey for leaders seeking to align their professional endeavors with heart-centered, astrologically informed practices. This inclusive program fosters a community of changemakers, empowering them to integrate celestial wisdom and systemic change into their leadership approach for a more connected and regenerative world.
$ 455
One Time
  • 8-week transformation journey
  • Astrology-informed leadership
  • Embrace heart-centered growth
  • Cultivate self-awareness & clarity
  • Foster inclusive wellness community
  • Navigate with celestial wisdom


An 8-week course designed to transform your leadership through astrology.

Ideal for leaders and changemakers eager to integrate heart-centered strategies into their leadership and personal growth.

It uniquely combines astrological insights with leadership development, fostering a deep connection between personal growth and professional leadership.

Participants receive tailored astrological insights and guidance, ensuring a personalized journey.

Yes, the program builds a supportive community of like-minded individuals focused on inclusive and transformative leadership.

Expect enhanced self-awareness, leadership clarity, and an actionable path to integrate your values into your leadership style.

Astrology serves as a foundational tool for personal and professional insight, guiding the curriculum and personal development.

The curriculum covers self-awareness, leadership in alignment with celestial guidance, and strategies for systemic change.

Ongoing support and resources are available to continue your growth beyond the program.