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Raising the vibration of humanity through heart-aligned living & heart-centered equitable intimate leadership. 

Jen Murray

About Us

Jennifer (Jen) Murray – (they/them/theirs) shines as a self-accepting, effective connector. Jen supports corporate innovators, ambitious leaders, embodied go-getters to energetically resonate with frequencies of dignity and humanity embracing heart-aligned integrity.  

Heart Centered Programs

Mindfully building community and connections that invite self-awareness, actionable accountability, transformational growth and inspire heart-alignment.

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As an advocate and champion of creating systemic and structural change all year-round. Elevating the possibilities for cultivating inclusive and welcoming workplace environments and culture.

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Community Breathwork

The power of breath work is healing, stress reducing, and aligns with getting more unconditionally present to your life. Breath work helps to recenter and ground you in your heart. Individual (virtual and public offerings) as well as team corporate/private/ERG options are available.

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Bloom into your Heart-Centered C.E.O.

Are you calling in your Centered, Energetic, Optimist to navigate this rapidly evolving world? If you are seeking tools to engage with your inner C.E.O.
stay tuned...coming soon in 2024!

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Heart-Led Astrology

Whether aligning your parenting, your leadership, and/or your heart connections learn more about the cosmic possibilities and potential of your transformational life-giving relationships. Unlock your star-aligned essence. Learn how to create greater connection through your natal chart. Offerings include: Parent-child chart readings, Foundational astrology, relationship synastry, and solar returns.

High Vibe Results

"Jen has completely transformed the way I think about solving personal and professional challenges."
Kristen, Founder, Firewave
“Breathwork allows me to release the aspects of my work that are hard to hold and regain strength for the day ahead."
Liz, Founder/C.e.O.

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