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Meet Jen


C.E.O. (Centered, Energetic, Optimist) & Founder of the High Vibe Healing Collective.

Prioritizing inclusivity and intentional co-creation of embodied wellness.

Jen Murray (they/them) is a visionary, healer, and transformative leader committed to promoting collective healing and heart-inspired community connectedness.

As the Founder of the High Vibe Healing Collective, they invite leaders and changemakers to get curious, stay present, and breathe intentionality into their heart-aligned equitable leadership. Jen is passionate about liberating systems and structures beginning with those we create within ourselves tied to our embodied colonized and colonizer parts.

With experience locally, regionally, nationally, and globally, Jen is dedicated to cultivating sustainable change possibilities by leveraging integrative healing, wholeness, wellness, and wellbeing. Jen is a certified breathwork facilitator, energy work practitioner, and white accountability advocate, whose transformative work extends beyond the individual level.

They believe in the power of intentional community building and collective healing to create systemic change, centering the lived experiences of communities from the global majority and historically excluded groups. Jen radiates and elevates community building, compassionate listening, meditative mindfulness, embodied authenticity, breathing belonging, and luminary liberation.

As a loving LGBTQ+ parent, Jen seeks to contribute to the creation of a heart-centered and regenerative world, inspiring heart-centered leaders to live in a revolutionary way, uplifting dignity and humanity.

Heart Centered Programs

Connecting with your joy one breath at a time…


Community Breathwork

The power of breath work is healing, stress reducing, and aligns with getting more unconditionally present to your life. Breath work helps to recenter and ground you in your heart.



As an advocate and champion of creating systemic and structural change all year-round. Elevating the possibilities for cultivating inclusive and welcoming workplace environments and culture.


Heart-Led Astrology Coaching

Whether aligning your parenting, your leadership, and/or your heart connections learn more about the cosmic possibilities and potential of your transformational life-giving relationships. Unlock your star-aligned essence.


Bloom Into Your Heart-Centered C.E.O.

Are you calling in your Centered, Energetic, Optimist to navigate this rapidly evolving world? If you are seeking tools to engage with your inner C.E.O.stay tuned... coming soon in 2024!